It’s all very quiet on the visitor front but still plenty to get done. This week we have had the team from Abbey Park collecting our muck heap. This happens once a year, and they use it to make their flowers grow!

We are also thinking about  making space and making plans.

Making space means moving some animals on which is always difficult for the team who no matter how much we try we can’t help but form close bonds with our animals.

So when it is time for them to move on and live elsewhere it can get us down a bit.

It is necessary though, we are a working farm and a rare breed centre so we have an influx of new animals every year and we just can’t keep them all. We are currently making space for the new lambs who are due late February. We are also on the hunt for some more hens, Chocolate Silkies to be precise as well as some Turkey chicks and some ducklings. It would be brilliant to have all these on site for Easter so watch this space.

With regards to making plans we are always having ideas as to how to make the farm better. We have super-duper brilliant ideas all the time but unfortunately not all of them make it to reality. Either we end up running out of time in our short quiet period over winter mainly because we always end up battling the weather. Then once lambing kicks in and the good weather returns we end up really busy until next November.

Or the finances stop us from being able to make changes and putting our ideas in place. We have ideas about animal shelters, poultry housing, play areas for goats play areas for children, education building developments, nature area developments, paddock changes and adding paddocks, all sorts of ideas.

However we are a charity and we heavily rely on the visitors’ entrance fee to keep us up and running. Once the staff and the animal care is paid for there is very little if anything left over. This is why we are always bugging people to help us out or just to visit and support their local farm, because if they don’t the money will run out and the farm will have to close.


(Dream Goat play area.)

(Dream indoor play area)

It would be nice if everything was brilliant all year round but we all know life isn’t like that. Everyone knows January is the hardest month. Its no different for us, very few visitors brave the cold weather even the animals prefer to stay in their shelters the ground is either rock solid or sludge and everything just seems harder. So dreaming and making plans keeps us motivated to get through this last drudge before spring bursts in to life and we all feel better again.

That said if you like the sound of some of our ideas and you want to donate to the farm you can now donate via PayPal on the website (just go to the home page and scroll to the bottom) or maybe you could simply make a pledge via our pledge tree;

This way it doesn’t have to be money you might want to volunteer your time or your skills every little helps.

Anyway I promise the next blog post will be a bit brighter and to end on a happy note here is a picture of a smiling lamb to make us all feel better and give us something to look forward to!