So we are in the midst of lambing now. 5 of our Leicester Longwool Ewes have had their lambs and health wise its so far so good. All our mothers have bonded brilliantly and the first lot of lambs born last week are all out side bouncing around and playing with each other. That said this time of year is always a tricky time because there are so many factors to contend with and so much could go wrong. We are just keeping everything crossed for the rest of our ewes.

Up to now this year we have had majority twins and so our current total at the time of going to press is 9 lovely springy little lambs (4 sets of twins and a single). The most interesting thing we have had happen this year so far is that we only have 1 female, the rest have all been boys. We had a big boy year last year to so we where hoping for some more girls this year but so far its not turned out that way for us. Hopefully we will end up with more girls once lambing is over but who knows we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for more updates!