As of February 20th 2018, this year’s lambing season kicked off! Ester was the first Ewe to lamb this year she is one of our Gorse Hill bloodline she has just turned 8 this year and she is quite a petite ewe. This meant that the lambing was a bit surprising and here is why.

Ester had not 1 but 2 fairly sizeable lambs. The first was a beautiful girl weighing in at 12.5lb it was one of the quickest lambings I have seen. Ester was so cool about it, no fuss, just nice and simple.

(She looks a bit yellow in this pick because she has very literally just been born and Ester hasn’t cleaned her up yet.)

The second lamb was much bigger and harder for poor Ester to deal with on her own. We don’t like to intervene unless it’s necessary but in this case this big boy was not being born without some assistance. His head seemed to be very big and was getting stuck, so Sarah decided enough was enough and it was time to give her a hand. With a bit of manipulation we managed to get the head clear but this lamb just kept coming.

Normally twins would be quite small but these lambs where big. We should have expected it really because it was Ester who had one of the biggest lambs last year in fact we believe that last year’s lamb was actually part donkey!

After a little more effort from everyone involved, least of all Ester the baby boy was born and he weighed in at a whopping 15lb. This means that little Ester had been carrying around almost 2 stone of lamb. That’s no mean feat I’m sure you’ll agree.

Both lambs were very healthy and after a few minutes had got up to drink without any encouragement needed. Ester has been a trooper and despite seeming tired (what new mum isn’t!) The maternal hormones kicked in and she has bonded with both lambs really well, in fact she was a bit over protective at first but she soon calmed down and we have been able to health check regularly since.

Ester will probably stay in for a few more days especially while we have the cold snap that’s due then she will be back out into the fields.

We are still waiting for the fields to dry out fully and hopefully the grass will start to grow back properly so they can have lots of grazing throughout the spring.

 We are now just waiting for the next Ewe to start, who will it be? Nobody knows for sure, they all look really big and uncomfortable so the sooner the better for all of them really.

We always love this time of year on the farm. Welcoming new arrivals into the world is without doubt the best bit about farming. We know it’s not always so perfect but more often than not it’s a happy result. We expect to be kept very busy over the coming months raising all these bundles of joy. We really hope you all decide to drop by to meet them.