Mini Farms

Mini Farms

45 to 60 min session

Suitable for KS1 & 2

What does an animal need to be happy and healthy? Children will learn what being a farmer entails, how animals are kept and why.

Children are employed as Farmers in small groups and tasked with managing their own ‘mini farms’. With the help of a young farmers manual they will plan the farm layout as well as ‘find out and describe the basic needs of their animals.’ they will come to understand that ‘all living things have needs and we have a responsibility to meet them’.

KS2 children will then be given an extension task to consider how their farm impacts on the countryside around them. ‘They will take responsibility for looking after the environment’ and work out what they can adapt to minimise their farms impact.


Farm Office
Anstey Lane


Phone: 0116 2537582

Registered Charity Number:1000575

Private Ltd Co: 2544208


Opening times

April to October:
10.00 – 4.30pm

November to March:
10.00am – 4.00pm