The Gorse Hill City Farm Pledge Tree Campaign 

This December 2017 sees the launch of our new charity campaign. 

Being a small local charity we do not receive huge donations or lots of press so instead we are asking our visitors and friends on social media to help. 

All we ask is that you consider making a pledge to Gorse Hill City Farm between December 4th 2017 and October 19th 2018. 

The Pledge can be anything you want; large or small and here are some ideas to get you started;

  • make a donation big or small (every little helps!) 
  • sponsor a post on the farm (this is a win win, it keeps the animals here and safe and not running around leicester and you get your name on a lovely plaque on the post.)
  • adopt one of our animals for the year (don’t worry though they can stay here you don’t need to make room for them at home.)
  • volunteer some of your time. (we have plenty of jobs to keep you busy.)
  • raise money through a sponsored walk, cycle, swim (or any number of other crazy ways people raise money for charity.)

We really don’t mind what you do we just hope you will pledge something. 

Anyone of any age can get involved really the more the merrier!

Pledges will be written on a leaf to be hung on our pledge tree for all to see. We hope that by the end of the campaign in October 2018 our pledge tree will be full to bursting with pledges and the farm’s future will be stronger than ever. 

Pledge leaves can be collected from various places around the farm just ask a member of staff when you visit. 

If you would like to make a pledge but you can’t make it to the farm please contact us on

Gorse Hill City Farm
Anstey Lane

Registered Charity Number:1000575

Private Ltd Co: 2544208